Hydrologic / hydraulic and water resource problem solving accomplishments


Problem Solution
Flooding associated with road or bridge Mr. Mullen has performed HEC-RAS hydraulic modeling of bridges and road crossings for numerous sites (see list of representative hydrologic/hydraulic projects including several Mass. Highway Department bridge replacement projects).

Scouring at bridges or riverbanks

Mr. Mullen has sized riprap for scour protection for several Mass. Highway Department projects and has evaluated several instances of bioengineering methods of streambank stabilization.

Dam being considered for removal

Mr. Mullen was project manager of the successful dam removal of Smelt Hill Dam on the Presumpscot River in Falmouth, ME, and hydraulic team member on removal of Mill Pond Dam on the Mill River in Stamford, CT

Town-wide flooding


Mr. Mullen has prepared Flood Insurance Studies and flood hazard identification reports for numerous towns throughout New England and Colorado. He has also evaluated proposed solutions to flooding including stream channelization of the Aberjona River in Winchester, MA; replacement of bridges along the Farm River in East Haven and North Branford, CT; utilization of headwaters storage of floodwaters to reduce flooding in Peabody, MA; and the enlargement of a culvert causing flooding along Martins Brook in North Reading, MA.

Encroachment on floodplain/ floodway

Mr. Mullen documented proposed changes in floodway elevations and water velocities associated with fill placed for channel stabilization purposes within the floodway of the Mill River in Stamford, CT.

Watershed Restoration


Mr. Mullen authored a report establishing a framework for a comprehensive plan to achieve water quality and environmental restoration goals in the Blackstone River watershed and then served as Project Manager of the subsequent Corps’ $2 million aquatic ecosystem restoration study of the Blackstone River Watershed identifying prototype restoration projects including the successful $2.7 million wetland creation project at the defunct Lonsdale Drive-In in Lincoln, RI



William J. Mullen, P.E.
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